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  • Commodity name: H981-C High Efficiency Film Materials Recycling Machine
  • Commodity number: 003



H981 series model High Efficiency Film Materials Recycling Machine 
Utility model patent:

ZL 2004 3 0043366.9

Appearance Design Patent:

ZL 2004 3 0037571.X

Main Products:
Applicable to processing scrap stocks, defectives and rim charges of CPE, PE, CPP, PO, PP, EVA, BOPA, POF,TPU , LLDPE and Non-woven membranes as well as high-proportion coordinated use with raw materials.
Cold-cutting pelleting without heating, no mill dust and minimal noise without changing the chemical composition and plastic property of materials. Low power consumption; the power is 3KW; The processed granule proportion is similar to that of original granules, which can be evenly mixed with raw materials without blocking material inlet and hardly generating crystal lattices; The added amount can reach 30-40%. It can be combined with production line or slitting machine or solely manipulated by special person。
Function Principle:
The rim charges of membrane get into pressing unit through feeing unit. After solid pressing, the rim charges are transmitted into cutting unit for granule cutting.

Technical parameters
Type of machime H981-C
power(kw) 7.5
Maximal producing material 250m/min, 200~250kg/h
Size(Lmm×Wmm×Hmm) 1250×630×2100
Weight(kg) 400

Comparison table with other recycle machine in market
Type H981-recyling machine Plastis cracking machine Plastic recycling machine
Recycle mode Cutting and shaped(non-heated) Crashing Heating up and shaped
Product shape Slice granule

Slice powder

Chemistry performance Identical with original Identical No identical
Maximal accession amount 30%-40% 5%-10% 10%-15%
Operating mode Single, online

Single,no online

Complex,no online
General power 3kw~7.5kw 7kw 40kw
Machining amount 100~250kg/h 180~250kg/h 80~250kg/h