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  • Commodity name: HFQD-CB series slitting machine
  • Commodity number: 005




HFQD-CB series computer automatic high-speed film slitting machine

Product Application:
The machine series is applicable to slitting the plastic membranes of PE,TPU,BOPP, BOPA, PET, CPP, CPP/AL, PET/AL, BOPS, PP,PVC, composite membranes and metallic membranes etc.It’s particularly suitable for slight-stretch film slitting (native all rollers are active roll).

Product Description:

The HFQD-CB series computer automatic slitting machine uses touch screen and PLC programmable controller to concentratedly control the entire machine. It’s equipped with an automatic edge winding system and edge blowing  system.

1.Rewinding: Rewinding by precision air puffing-slip axis,the tension and the contact rolls pressure control by proportioner

2.The traction adopts vector frequency-conversion motor transmission to achieve constant line speed control.

3.Unwinding: Unwinding by vector frequency-change motor, electric and pneumatic clamping by high precision and heavy chuck, it equipped with a lifting function.

4.Edge recycling mode: Edge recycling by Servo Motor closed loop tension control flat edge winding system and edge blowing  system.

5.Rollers:All rollers are active roll, they can eliminate the effect of roller resistance on the tension.

6.Correction system: LPC & EPC(CCD).

7.Film connection platform: Equipped.

8.Unloading rack : Equipped.

9.Static elimination device: Equipped.

10.Slittr mode: Slitting by blade and crush cutting disc.

11.Paper tube correction: Line laser removes by Linear Guides.

12.The system of the machine has the functions of meter – counting, setting the length to stop the machine, unwinding remaining small amount of alarm and shutdown.


Quality assurance:

   A) Common difference of slit width

within ±1mm

   B)Rolling film ellipse degree (paper core error excluded)

within ±2% with no wrinkles

   C)Maximum difference of edge

within ± 1mm

   D)Maximum Shore hardness difference

within 90±2 degrees

   E) No chrysanthemum-like folding wrinkles on the surface of rolling film after slitting


Technical parameters: 
Type of machine HFQD-1300 HFQD-1600 HFQD-2000
Maximum width of slit material(mm) 1250 1550 1950
Width of material after slitting(mm) 50-1250 50-1550 50-1950
Maximum rolling diamerter(mm) Ф600
Maximum unrolling diameter(mm) Ф800
Rolling paper core diameter(inch) 3
Unrolling paper core diameter(inch) 3 、6
Speed of slitting(m/min) 5-400 5-400 5-400
Slit film thickness 10-200
Slittr mode Slitting by blade( Knife slit roller+blade)
Error correction(mm) ≤±1
Input power supplyThree-phased 380v 50/60Hz
Power ofwind-drawing machine(kw) 1.1
Power(kw) 7~13 9~15 11~17
Weight(kg) ≈2800 ≈3300 ≈3800
Size(L×W×H) 3370×2300×2250 3670×2300×2250 4070×2300×2250