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  • Commodity name: HFQⅠseries slitting machine
  • Commodity number: 007


HFQI series high-speed film slitting machine

Application of product:
The machine series is applicable to slitting and rewinding of embossed membranes and permeable membranes of CPE. With easy and fast operation and high efficiency, the cost performance ratio is high.

Instruction of product:
With compact and reasonable structure, the high-speed slitting machine of HFQⅠseries possesses an aesthetic appearance. The winding mode is center winding carried out by single pneumatic expansion shaft, and the pneumatic squeezing of membrane clings to the winding. With pneumatic suspended splitting, it is of variable-frequency drive by single motor with strong power and steady operation. The magnetic powder brake is of tension control for unwinding with precise tension, fast response and wide adjustable range. It adopts advanced photoelectric automatic deviation-rectifying system.

Quality insurance:

   A) Common difference of slit width within ±1mm
   B)Rolling film ellipse degree (paper core error excluded) within ±2% without wrinkles
   C)Maximum difference of edge within ± 1mm
   D)Maximum Shore hardness difference within 90±2 degrees
   E) No chrysanthemum-like folding wrinkles on the surface of rolling film after slitting

Technical parameters:

Type of machine HFQⅠ-1300 HFQⅠ-1600 HFQⅠ-2000H HFQⅠ-2500
Maximum width of slit material(mm) 1250 1550 1950 2450
Width of material after slitting(mm) 50-1200 50-1500 50-1900 50-2400
Maximum rolling diamerter(mm) Ф600
Maximum unrolling diameter(mm) Ф800
Rolling paper core diameter(inch) 3
Unrolling paper core diameter(inch) 3
Speed of slitting(m/min) 5-400 5-350 5-300 5-280
Slit film thickness


Error correction(mm) ≤±1
Magnetoc powder brake(N.m) 50 50 50 100
Input power supplyThree-phased? five-line(one grounded)380v50/60Hz
Power(kw) ≈3 ≈3 ≈5.5 ≈5.5
Weight(kg) ≈1000 ≈1200 ≈1500 ≈2000
Size(L×W×H) 2500×2100×1400 3000×2100×1400 3400×2200×1500 3900×2200×1400